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Covert News!

New shows added for 2014!

Clio Cultivation Party - August 22nd, 2014

The annual Clio Cultivation Birthday Party is going on it's 4th year celebrating four years of business in the cannabis community. This is a FREE event, a way to give back and also bring like minded people together for fun, friendship and great music. Stage, Sound and Light are being brought in, bands will be playing all day, Covert will be performing 3 sets! The location is a spacious property which will host primitive camping so bring your gear and expect to stay over for this all day/night event.

Clio Cultivation: 11394 N Saginaw Rd, Clio MI, 48420

Magnetic Recording Studio - October 4th, 2014

If you have never been to Magnetic for a show, especially a Covert show, this is a great opportunity for you. Magnetic is the best sounding room we have played in, it's a recording studio, it was built for sound, it's incredible. The venue is intimate and offers a much different experience than a typical bar or nightclub, those in attendence are there for the music. The night starts out with Pure Flavor and That Freak Quincy, two bands who have been busy pleasing crowds and throwing down some of the best grooves for people to dance to, and we are excited to bring them in to help get the night moving in the right direction. Come out for a night of music and spend your time with us!

Magnetic Recording Studio: 17 W Lawrence St, Pontiac, MI 48342